For decades, PMI has supported aerospace, communications, construction, defense, electronics, industrial, military and manufacturing customers. By providing expert design and engineering services for projects involving extreme tolerances (to .0001″) and complex geometries, we have earned the trust of some of the most exacting government and private sector organizations.


PMI is ITAR registered and is well-versed in the security and confidentiality involved with projects for these markets. Government contractors and private sector manufacturers have come to rely on our expertise in product development, engineering and design services as well as our skill working with engineered resins and exotic metals.

Consumer Products

At PMI, we realize every project has different requirements. Sometimes our customers need prices cheaper than overseas manufacturing and a quick turnaround time. PMI can accomplish both with in-house mold making, short to long run part production, and secondary services such as joining, insert/overmolding and product assembly.


Producing small parts, gears and electronic components requires skill working with tight tolerances and small shot sizes. PMI holds tolerances to .001″. We can build molds with up to 64 cavities which is convenient and cost-effective for small parts typically needed for electronics components.


PMI specializes in manufacturing molds and producing large, industrial fans up to 64″ in diameter. We know that every fan mold requires subtle differences for each blade. Fans must be perfectly balanced in order to operate properly. At PMI, we use the highest standards to balance test every fan.

Our customers trust our expertise to offer unique solutions for their supply chain and entire manufacturing cycle. Whether the part is going to be used in a office copier, a vacuum cleaner or a residential water pump, PMI takes into account our customers budget and scheduling requirements to make the best recommendations for material selection and options for production.


PMI works with the materials and resins most commonly used for marine parts including Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), acetal polycarbonate polyester and polyetherimide. Our full service capabilities offer our customers related secondary services such as threading, insert molding and overmolding, ultrasonic welding, spin welding and product assembly.

To service our off-road customers, PMI has machine centers that can manufacture tools up to 100″ x 80″ x 60″ and presses that can produce a molded part weight of up to 8 pounds. We make tools and parts that are rugged enough for the most demanding applications.


To expand our ability to serve the medical market we are in the process of obtaining ISO 13485:2003 certification. In preparation, PMI has invested millions of dollars in equipment for manufacturing high-precision medical parts. We will complete the 13485 certification required to meet the regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services in 2016.