Bridge-Style Molds

Manufacturing a Bridge-style Mold is a time saver and conveniently, has the potential to be used as a Production Mold in the future. Bridge-style molds are often multi-cavity tools needed for production, but may be built with only one cavity during preliminary production runs while the molded parts are tested and vetted.

Bridge-style molds are manufactured on a full-frame mold base with accommodations for other cavity sets. This enables bridge-style molds to run pre-production parts in a production frame while not incurring additional time or cost of having all of the cavity sets made. At PMI, we recommend using a bridge-style mold in certain situations to save our customers time and money. Making use of a bridge mold allows for inspection, adjustments and improvements to be made to a single cavity and holding off building all of the cavity sets until all approvals are complete. Bridge-style molds can be considered an option to prototype molds with the added benefit of being able to convert them to a production tool quickly and cost effectively.