Early Collaboration = Better Results

Early involvement with our customers’ design projects helps streamline the process ensuring better engineered products in a shorter timeframe. PMI provides design and engineering services for the most exacting project requirements including complex geometries, extreme tolerances to .0001″ and metal to plastic conversion. We can also help with reverse engineering.

Every job is assigned to an experienced Project Engineer who takes ownership and manages a project from start to finish providing customers with a single point of contact and seamless project coordination.

Our world-class team of designers and engineers utilize the latest 3-D modeling software including Solid Works, Cimatron, Mastercam, and AutoCAD. We consider how parts fit with other components and within the manufacturing cycle, and subject the design to structural analysis (FEA), thermal analysis, and bow & warp analysis.

You can be assured that a PMI-engineered part:

  • designed for the right materials
  • fits the application perfectly
  • can be manufactured quickly and efficiently
  • meets/exceeds quality expectations