Value and Peace of Mind

To offer our customers the best value possible, we have developed a global network of suppliers for injection mold tooling. PMI provides the same warranties as if the molds were built by PMI internally at our own facility. We stand behind our offshore builds 100% - giving our customers peace of mind and low-cost options.

PMI has 20+ years working with our LCC English speaking suppliers and our experienced Project Engineers manage every job from the start to final part approval. Using internationally compatible software and well-established direct lines of communication, we oversee every aspect of a project providing regular status reports and real-time updates.


A Network of Trust

Not every overseas manufacturer has what it takes to be a partner with PMI. We have visited, tested and vetted a trusted network of suppliers to ensure that our offshore builds carry the same level of quality that our customers have come to expect from our domestic builds.

PMI has global partners located in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Portugal. Through these partners, we manage, design and manufacture prototype and production parts. We can also maintain and repair tooling in the United States, provide samples and conduct quality control inspections